A pregnant Emily Blunt saved Meryl Streep from nasty fall

A Pregnant Emily Blunt Saved Meryl Streep From Nasty Fall
A Pregnant Emily Blunt Saved Meryl Streep From Nasty Fall

On the "Late Show" Emily Blunt said she saved Meryl Streep from an awful fall on the set of their new movie, "Into the Woods" -- Blunt says Streep owes her for it.

During rehearsals, Streep was supposed to jump on a table with a cape -- but her foot got tangled up and she started falling to the concrete floor.

"Rob Marshall and James Corden froze, didn't move, and the pregnant woman caught her ... So she owes me," said Blunt on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

To dig the hole for himself even further, Corden, their co-star in the new flick, revealed his true colors about the crazy fall during a Q&A with his fellow castmates.

He's quoted in Page Six saying, "Time slowed down and I thought, 'I'm about to watch Meryl Streep die. It's happening.' I wish I could say I didn't consider my own career in this and think, 'This film's gonna go down the [bleep].'

Well, at least Streep was able to a laugh it off and lived to see another day.

After all, Monday night President Obama awarded the 65-year-old actress with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not too shabby.

You can catch her alongside Blunt and Corden in their new film, "Into the Woods" when it hits theaters nationwide Christmas Day.

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