Pennsylvania town's 'ugly tree' will stay after all

Town's 'Ugly Tree' Will Stay After All

In towns and cities across the U.S., there is usually one particular tree that gets some extra attention when Christmas season rolls around. Reading, Pennsylvania has one such attraction, but the attention it's getting isn't very positive.

Some locals simply refer to it as the "ugly tree." The city council president, Francis Acosta had issued orders for the spruce to be removed, following complaints from residents about it putting a damper on their holiday spirit.

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Pennsylvania town's 'ugly tree' will stay after all
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Just last week, Acosta told reporters the 50-foot Norway spruce was going to be replaced with a fuller tree that would lift the morale of Reading's public. On Monday, public works officials removed Christmas tree lights and got ready for the newcomer. Shortly thereafter, the plans changed.

On the very same day the crews took down the lights, Acosta announced that the spruce wouldn't be replaced after all, but will instead remain right where it has been. Said Acosta, "We will keep this thing here and we will call it the 'ugly tree' that everyone and national television is calling it, and we're going to see it as an opportunity to bring people to downtown Reading."

He also pointed out that public works staffers would as a result be available to focus on the predicted snowstorm. A fund has been set up to help pay for new decorations for the so-called ugly or Charlie Brown tree.

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