Obama seen reviewing restaurant in recently uncovered video from 2001

A Young Barack Obama Gives Awesome Restaurant Review
A Young Barack Obama Gives Awesome Restaurant Review


Newly-surfaced video from 13 years ago shows President Barack Obama talking about Chicago restaurants on a local television station.

Obama is shown back in 2001 on the PBS show "Check, Please!" discussing an eatery called Dixie Kitchen. The then-Illinois state senator was definitely a repeat customer.

"The prices are right, and the portions are good," said the future 44th president of the United States.

Barack, the hosts referred to him only by his first name, ordered the Southern Sampler, he told viewers.

Obama is far from his days in the White House media room, but the charisma and ease in front of the camera that he rode into office back in 2008 can be seen even then.

The president's love of eating out has all been a theme throughout his two terms in office. He is often shown eating in restaurants near the White House and wherever he travels on official visits or with family.

A check of local listings show there were once two restaurants in the Windy City known as "Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop." Both serve Southern food.

The South Side location, which one Obama was talking about, he lived on the city's South Side, has since closed. But a North Side location, in Evanston, remains open.

And it appears most locals agree with Obama. The Dixie Kitchen is still a great deal for families.

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