'I have a clean conscience': Darren Wilson speaks to the media following Ferguson grand jury decision


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown because he feared for his life, the exonerated man told ABC News.

Wilson sat down with ABC as Brown's family, lawyers and Rev. Al Sharpton gave an emotional news conference expressing their outrage over the admitted killer being set free.

The interview was conducted in a secret location, for Wilson's safety, and will air Tuesday night on ABC's "World News Tonight."

In a clip made public Monday afternoon, Wilson expressed remorse for the fatal shots, but reiterated statements made during grand jury testimony.

"While he did say he was sorry for the loss of life, the loss of Michael Brown's life, he said he would not do anything different that day, that he did what he was trained to do, he was simply doing his job," said ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos.

Wilson "says he has a clean conscience over his actions that day," Stephanopoulos continued. "He's sorry for the loss of life and understands the grief of Michael Brown's parents."

The excerpts came as CNN revealed, after poring over more than 92 pages of court documents detailing Wilson's grand jury testimony, that the beleaguered cop had never fired his weapon in the line of duty before Brown's August 9 death.

"I've never used my weapon before," Wilson told jurors.

The grand jury's announcement left Ferguson in a state of anarchy, and also sent the internet into a frenzy.

Mentions of Ferguson skyrocketed as rioters set fire to cars and stores, looted business and attacked police.

Images of the destruction and police in riot gear spread quickly around the globe only hours after Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said "the world is watching us."

The world was still watching as attorneys for Brown's family demanded body cams be made mandatory for every single officer in the U.S.

It also watched as Rev. Al Sharpton condemned St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and other local officials over how the case was handled.

Al Sharpton Heckled At Brown Family Press Conference
Al Sharpton Heckled At Brown Family Press Conference

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