Fake turkey recall causes confusion

Fake Turkey Recall Leads to Confusion
Fake Turkey Recall Leads to Confusion

A fake recall of millions of turkeys bound for Thanksgiving dinner tables is causing a lot of confusion, WREG reports.

A fake news website called the National Report claims millions of birds are infected with the avian virus, better known as the bird flu. It even includes a fake quote from the CDC. The Inquisitir notes that the National Report no longer has a satire disclaimer, and used to feature "a small blurb at the bottom that explained to users that the publication featured 'fake news.'"

The fake site reads:

<National Report> The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been recalled due to safety concerns over an avian virus that the birds may be harboring. The virus is related to human influenza virus but was thought to lack the ability to infect humans. However, it appears that the virus has recently developed the ability to move from bird hosts into humans. The results could be disastrous. In studies done with the newly transmissible virus, it showed similar abilities to infect humans as the avian flu virus that killed 50 million people in 1918.

Memphis resident James Davis was disgusted by the hoax.

"It's time for people to put childish games away and get real," he said.

The article claims the turkeys turn green after being cooked and can make you extremely sick.

It was shared so many times, many thought it was true.

"Trying to say a turkey is poisonous or any kind of hoax is wrong. Period," Davis said.

The report also included a turkey safety hotline, supposedly established between the CDC and major turkey suppliers. (The Inquisit notes that the number listed is "is the main listing for Westboro Baptist Church." A quick peek at the comments on the National Report site shows that people were pretty ticked off when they got a busy signal.)

People locally said it is a prime example of why you should not believe everything you hear.

"You can't believe everything they put on the internet, because it's not true," Davis.

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