Wedding officiant destroys couple's wedding ceremony

Officiant Destroys Couple's Wedding Ceremony
Officiant Destroys Couple's Wedding Ceremony

This seems like a typical wedding. Two people in love, their friends and family, an officiant. She looks gorgeous, he looks dashing ... but the man who's supposed to be in charge of the marriage ceremony really kills it.

"Oh, my, just one moment, please. I think I jumped the gun here. ... Oop! [He drops the rings]. ... Everything was in order. It was. Believe me. Never going to forget this day."

The crowd is laughing at first -- but it gets to the point that the bride asks him whether he can just make something up.

"Oh, my word. Somebody played with my book. I'm so sorry," the officiant said.

"You must just know something," the groom-to-be said.

"Something went missing here," the officiant said.

"Can't you just make something up?" the bride-to-be asked.

"We can make it up," he said.

If there were a competition for who could destroy a wedding ceremony fastest, this guy would win.

The YouTube video labels him "The Irreverent Reverend George." The family says his real name is George Casselman.

We spoke to the couple's aunt, Tracy Hanes, who recorded the fiasco:

"He did say he was sorry, but he also made excuses. He said, 'Oh, my heart, diabetes was acting up.' ... But he stuck around for a little while after the ceremony and certainly didn't seem to be having any health issues," she said.

Outlets are calling the officiant "bungling, unqualified," and "unauthorized."

They might be right. The family says he wasn't qualified. According to the Toronto Star, the couple, Jessica and Casey O'Donnell, aren't legally married after their ceremony in August.

The couple just received the news from Canadian officials.

Hanes also told us the officiant wanted $250 for the ceremony. As for his classified:

"He portrayed himself as a licensed wedding officiant in Ontario. His ad has disappeared from the website ... He certainly came across as someone who had the proper credentials," she said.

The couple now has to go to family court to make their marriage official.

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