Grandma's amazing reaction to Macy's Parade birthday gift

Grandma's Priceless Reaction to Macy's Parade Birthday Gift
Grandma's Priceless Reaction to Macy's Parade Birthday Gift

Grandma Boop has been trying to get into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for 30 years. For her 83rd birthday, her children finally made that decades-long dream come true.

Though her reaction to the big surprise is the real payoff, we really love how Grandma Boop makes an adorable fuss over every piece of her gift.

She's delighted by her singing card and very excited by the prospect of simply watching the parade, even though she's a bit worried that she's being sent alone. "Who's going with me? You're going to send me into the city by myself and I'm going to stand there?," she asks. Still, she can't believe her good fortune. "That's amazing, I haven't been in forever."

Then, she's told that she's actually going to be part of the parade. It takes a minute for the truth to set in, but when Grandma Boop realizes that nobody is pulling her leg, she wells up. "Am I really in the parade?," she cries. "How did I get into the parade?"

Her children explain that they "pulled some strings," and that her dream is really coming true.

With a glint in her eye she asks "... are we sneaking in?"

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