Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Michael Brown, was married last month to a fellow Ferguson cop


The police officer who fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown was recently married.

Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, 28, married fellow officer Karen Spradling, 37, on October 24, according to a marriage license uncovered by the New York Times.

The pair has lived together for years in a house they bought about half an hour from Ferguson, according to reports, but were wed in a civil ceremony only steps from the courthouse where a grand jury is deliberating Wilson's murder case.

Wilson has been persona non grata since shooting the 18-year-old Brown dead back in August. The couple has reportedly fled their home while Wilson remains on paid administrative leave.

Of the wedding's two witnesses, one was Greg Kloeppel, Darren Wilson's lawyer.

Officials who spoke with the Times were surprised Wilson was married there instead of someplace else, even Las Vegas, due to the lack of privacy he has in the area.

Both have been previously married, the Times reported. They also have each received commendations from the Ferguson Police Department.

It is not clear if Spradling is still on duty with the force, and an AOL News attempt to reach a Ferguson police spokesperson for further information was not successful.

The grand jury deciding whether to take Wilson to trial is expected to announce its findings at any moment.

Why Is The Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?
Why Is The Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?

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