Couple who adopted two brothers adopts their six siblings, too

Couple Who Adopted Two Brothers Adopts Their Six Siblings
Couple Who Adopted Two Brothers Adopts Their Six Siblings

A Nebraska couple who adopted two brothers more than doubled the size of their family by adopting the rest of the boys' six siblings.

Melissa and Scott Groves became foster parents in 2003 when they took in then three-year-old Noah and 22-month-old Chase. Melissa already had a daughter, Autumn, who was born when Melissa was 17.

"...It wasn't very long before I knew that if the chance arose I wanted to have them in our lives forever. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was divine intervention, I don't know, but what I do know was that the boys' 'short' stay with us turned into adoption," Melissa told The Daily Mail.

Months later, the couple was notified that Noah and Chase had a new baby brother who needed a home. That's when baby Garrett became part of their family. Eleven months later, they adopted another brother, Hayden, who had been exposed to drugs in utero.

In 2009, the couple welcomed the addition of two more brothers, Ashton and Curran, and then completed their family with the adoptions of Bryer and Zayn.

"We had every reason to say no -- not enough money, not enough time, etc., but somehow things seemed to fall into place and the following June we found ourselves in a hospital waiting room awaiting the arrival of our son, Bryer ... In October 2013 our soon-to-be seventh son, Zayn, was born premature, drug exposed and diagnosed with Down syndrome," Melissa said about her decision to continue adopting.

No word if the family is going to adopt any more children, but Melissa added that adopting so many children has "enriched all of our lives, and brought us so much love and happiness."

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