Kendra Wilkinson opens up on dark past

Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Night She Almost Died
Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Night She Almost Died

Playmate turned reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson is opening up about her past drug use and the night she almost died.

The 29-year-old mother of two recently told the paper Sunday People about her drug-addled teen years, when she was hooked on cocaine, crystal meth, and LSD. One particular night when she was just 14 years old sticks out in her mind.

"My drug habit was turning into a nightmare pretty ­quickly, and one night soon after, I almost didn't survive. Line after line, I just kept going. Usually I knew my limit and stopped myself when I hit it because even though I was a druggie, I was still fearful of anything bad happening," Wilkinson said.

"I was shaking and choking on the blood that was dripping down my throat. I was in serious trouble, ­everyone thought I was dying."

Apparently her friends refused to call an ambulance, because they feared getting in trouble. Instead, they left her.

In her biography "Sliding Into Home," she explains how one day she just had enough and recovered on her own.

A few years later she joined Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's harem on the reality show "Girls Next Door." After leaving the Playboy Mansion, she married NFL football player Hank Baskett.

Their relationship is now up-in-the-air amidst rumors that Baskett cheated on Wilkinson.

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