40 adorable pets show off what they're thankful for

This Week in Cute: Animals Celebrate what they're thankful for this fall
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40 adorable pets show off what they're thankful for
Whew! This puppy is definitely thankful for carpeted floors. 
Yum, desserts! I think this dog is thankful for something we all are -- sweet treats.
I think we can all safely say that we're all pretty grateful for caffeine. This pup agrees.
As the blanket of cold falls upon us, Bo the Bengal knows the importance of winter wear. 
This pet pig Hamlet is definitely thankful for the holiday season. Just look at those reindeer antlers!
Talk about thankful! If this border collie was grinning any bigger he'd drop that stick.
Buddy and Boo are thankful for friendship. Aww! Aren't we all?
Lil' bub is grateful for knit scarves as winter falls upon us.
Chris Hemsworth. That is all.
Besides vegetarians, I think it's safe to say that most of us are happy that bacon exists. This pup sure is!
Sam here is mostly thankful for presents -- it kinda looks like he thinks he's one.
Jack is thankful for being adopted!
Yet another dog who is very grateful for sticks.
This blue-eyed cat has its face stuck in bread for a reason -- seems like he knows the true importance of starches. 
Scrappy is thankful for warm holiday sweaters. 
Mhm, this corgi is definitely happy for Sundays.
Well, we know that Cosmo is appreciative of amazing dog toys.
Warm, fuzzy blankets are definitely something worth being thankful for.
Reading is a good skill to have. Venus is grateful to snuggle up with a good book.
This little pup is probably thankful for the fancier things in life, like this bowler hat.
Yes, this is a hedgehog in a coffee mug who's probably super appreciative that he's so tiny.
This pup is thankful for the opportunity to play around in leaves
When the weather sucks, Ginny is grateful for warm blankets and stuffed animals! Aren't we all?
Ahh the remote -- what a simple but useful invention that we can all be thankful for, even Hamilton. 
Furry scarves are always welcome here.
This little smiling dog is definitely thankful for changing seasons!
Pudge the cat has a true appreciation for coconut water -- who could blame her.
Maya enjoys a good rub a dub dub in the tub. It's probably safe to say that we're all grateful for a nice soothing bath or shower.
Nala is thankful for naps. 
Puglsey is thankful for the fall.
This pit bull is thankful for warm, warm coats.
This pug is thankful fro some alone time among nature. 
This squinty-eyed cat is full of love for sneakers. But, oh aren't we all?
Fruits are veggies are worth being thankful for. This bird sure knows that fact.
This pup is probably thankful for his owner's cuddle-y legs

Watermelon is VERY important.

Hedgehog + nature = thankfulness
And Grumpy Cat isn't thankful for, well, anything really. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we all tend to reflect on the things in our life that are important to us. Friends, family and food included. However, what about our pets? They're definitely thankful for us (right?) but they're also thankful for so much more. Check out the gallery above to see what these pets have on their mind as Thanksgiving approaches.

What are you thankful for?

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40 adorable pets show off what they're thankful for
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