Golden retriever really, really losing a competition will win your heart

Video of Golden Retriever Losing Dog Competition Will Win Your Heart
Video of Golden Retriever Losing Dog Competition Will Win Your Heart

Dog owners are always super proud of their well-behaved companions. "Look how well he stays! She can catch a ball in mid air! Watch him roll over!"

In Finland, the proudest of dog owners can strut their mutts on a dog-centric competition show. The agility portion is probably the hardest test: A dog has to run down a straight path that is a veritable treasure trove of distractions without losing focus. The one rule? Don't touch anything in your path. Seems like this dog is convinced that rules are made to not only be broken, but to get completely shattered.

Like a kid in a candy store, this golden retriever appears to forget all about the competition and skip right to enjoying the spoils -- snarfing down every last treat and grabbing the toys that the pups before ignored. The pooch even backtracks to make sure there is no morsel left behind. Not even a handler with another treat could distract the golden's laser focus.

Looks like even the best behaved dogs can't resist toys and treats laid out like the K9 version of the Golden Corral. We guess this is proof that nature sometimes trumps nurture (and training, for that matter).

Sure, this dog didn't win any awards for discipline or agility -- but the pooch managed to win the top spot in our hearts.

Check out the entire video below:

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