Are scammers using $100 bills and holiday spirit to steal cars?

Are Scammers Using $100 Bills and Holiday Spirit to Steal Cars?
Are Scammers Using $100 Bills and Holiday Spirit to Steal Cars?

The Maryland Attorney General's Office says it's getting reports of people leaving $100 bills on car windshields ... so they can steal the cars.

The idea is that drivers will think they've been left a goodwill treat for the holidays. They get out to grab the bill, and someone jumps in and steals their car.

"It's the holiday shopping time. This is when criminals are coming out. This is when scam artists are coming out." said Assistant Attorney General Karen Straughn to WBFF. "They're trying to get your money and get your safety in any way they can."

You'll notice that note of "safety" there -- a little odd, but paired with this $100 bill story, the office also warned about a near-kidnapping in the area.

"Another plot where a scammer cried for help in a parking lot," said WJLA's Joce Sterman.

"We learned the individual yelling for help was really just a scam artist who was looking to kidnap her," Straughn said.

So we're admittedly a little skeptical here.

According to ABC, Straughn said she heard about this $100-bill scam during a public information meeting. Local police said they had no record of such a scam.

Straughn said ultimately her goal is to make people aware of any potential scams during the holiday season.

With the holidays, you'll see more warnings about higher crime rates.

Local sheriffs' offices post safety tips, too -- for example, make sure to lock your doors while driving, and when storing your purchases, hide them out of plain sight in your car.

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