Mom wows after 'hot mess' makeover

'Hot Mess' Mom Transformed By Makeover Team
'Hot Mess' Mom Transformed By Makeover Team

Meredith Vieira invited three women onto her show who claimed their mother's were just "hot messes."

Since that's a lot of hot mess to handle, we're just going to showcase Barbara. Her daughter, Brenda, said her mom wears clothes that age her ... although it kind of looks like she was attempting a youthful look with bright colors and mismatching socks.

Meredith's team did a little makeover magic. "The denim jumper is gone!" her daughter Brenda exclaimed.

"I feel younger and just pretty," Barbara said. "And the hair is great, too!" Meredith chimed in.

The stylist lightened Barbara's hair ... and she was happy to get rid of that jumper, too, mentioning what a rockin' bod Barbara has!

Meredith has done something similar on her show before -- but last time it was husbands who received the makeovers!

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