Buffalo Sabres - New York Rangers game set for Friday postponed due to apocalyptic snow


The National Hockey league has postponed a Friday hockey game scheduled to be played in Buffalo as the city endures an entire winter's worth of snow in only five days.

The game between the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres, set to be played at the First Niagara Center, in downtown Buffalo, has been postponed as the city tries to dig out from more than six feet of snow.

The staggering snowfall is not yet over, another two feet is expected through Thursday night, according to published forecasts.

The expected eight feet of snow, 96 inches, virtually equals the roughly 100 inches the city receives each winter on average.

With this in mind, the NHL saw no choice but to reschedule the intrastate tilt since driving is banned on all local roads as travel is all but impossible.

The move came as the NFL reportedly weighs whether to stage Sunday's Buffalo Bills - New York Jets game in the snowbound city or move it to Monday night and play elsewhere.

Bills officials are paying locals $10 an hour and offering game tickets to people in 24-hour rotations to whoever helps shovel Ralph Wilson Stadium and its parking lot out from under the massive snowfall.

For now, the snow keeps falling. It is expected to break by Friday night, but that is when dig out will really begin.

Buffalo Braces for Another Round of Snow
Buffalo Braces for Another Round of Snow

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