America's favorite burger chains ranked by Foursquare

America's Favorite Burger Chains Ranked by Foursquare
America's Favorite Burger Chains Ranked by Foursquare

By Buzz60's Sean Dowling

McDonald's has some competition when it comes to America's favorite burger chain. A Thrillist survey uncovered which of America's burger chains are most beloved, and what parts of America love them.

Thrillist looked at over 20 million Foursquare check-ins to see how many people eat each type of burger, and where they eat them. They calculated which brands are most popular in every county and turned it into a map.

So how do the big dogs like McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's hold up? Interestingly enough, not so well against regional chains with die-hard followers. Take In-N-Out Burger for example. Californians are crazy for it, and that's reflected on the map. In-N-Out is fuchsia and dominates most of California and all of Nevada.

McDonald's isn't killing it in any region. It's represented in black, and there are splotches of people in Nebraska who like a Big Mac. That's about it.

Hardee's, shown in red, dominates several states up north and along the East Coast. People out west love Carl's Jr., represented in light purple. Alaska seems obsessed with it!

What's your favorite burger chain? Does this map accurately represent your tastes? Share your thoughts in the comments (and apologies if you're now really, really hungry).

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