Willie Geist and Natalie Morales fired from the 'Today' show?

Were anchors Willie Geist and Natalie Morales given the ax from the "Today" show?

According to Us Weekly, the longtime co-hosts of the hit morning show were recently told they were fired and were already lining up new gigs. Morales was reportedly in talks with ABC while Geist was courting CBS.

But before we get into a "Today" show tear fest for two of our favorite hosts, new reports are claiming that their firing is all a big rumor.

"Willie and Natalie were never told they were fired," an NBC insider told the New York Daily News. "These plans were a part of a memo, a proposal - a potential future for the show that never came about," the source explained.

According to the Daily News source, former "Today" show general manager Jamie Horowitz, who was fired Monday for a bevy of other reasons, potentially including personnel problems with existing anchors Morales and Tamron Hall, circulated the memo.

Horowitz was given the boot after two months on the job.

Geist took to Twitter late Wednesday to confirm that he is not leaving his job.

It sounds like it is safe to say that a major shakeup at 30 Rock is not in the works.