Wal-Mart shoppers tackle man who allegedly groped pregnant woman

Shoppers Tackle Man Who Allegedly Groped Pregnant Woman
Shoppers Tackle Man Who Allegedly Groped Pregnant Woman

It was a hectic scene at a Wal-Mart in Jonesboro, Arkansas after a man allegedly groped a pregnant woman before being chased down and tackled by other shoppers.

The 21-year-old woman, who was 16 weeks pregnant at the time, was shopping for candles when 23-year-old Shane Owens allegedly sexually assaulted her.

According to KAIT, the woman screamed, which drew the attention of other shoppers, who helped chase down Owens, ultimately tackling him outside the store.

"Dodd chased the man out of the store and tackled him to the ground," Allison Munn of KAIT reported.

"It wasn't just me, I mean I may be the one that initially took him down but I was glad that everybody was there when they got there," said Danielle Dodd.

Authorities ultimately arrested Owens in the parking lot, and in addition to the 2nd degree sexual assault charge, he faces charges of disorderly conduct and violating probation.

If Walmart seems like a common venue for these kinds of incidents, it may have something to do with an interesting trend described by a study published earlier this year.

The study found that Wal-Mart's were associated with higher crime rates - because when a new Walmart was built in a county, it stunted the natural decline in the county's crime rate.

As for the woman assaulted in Arkansas, she wasn't hurt in the attack.

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