Students protest assistant principal's retweet

Students Protest Assistant Principal's Retweet
Students Protest Assistant Principal's Retweet

Students at a school in Virginia aren't happy with how one teacher used social media.

Amy Strickland, the assistant principal at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, retweeted a photo of several interracial couples going to prom back in June. Those images were accompanied by the caption "every white girl's father's worst nightmare Or Nah?"

That didn't sit well with the students and they walked out of class in protest. Now, the NAACP is involved and is siding with the students.

"The youth is actually saying something about it and being more aggressive and we want the teacher to be held accountable for her actions and we definitely agree with the students."

And another issue is the school administration's response. Students and the NAACP brought the tweet to the board weeks ago, but so far no action has been taken beyond acknowledging that the incident happened.

In a statement, the Norfolk Federation of Teachers president called the actions "disturbing" and added "I also think that the lack of urgency in which the school board and the administration addresses these types of issues adds to the problem."

School officials say they're now looking into the matter while the NAACP conducts its own investigation.