See the bizarre weapons confiscated at JFK Airport by TSA agents


The federal agents safeguarding America's airports commonly make unusual discoveries, some with the potential to cause significant damage in the wrong hands, others just toys.

TSA baggage inspectors often confiscate weapons and toys that look like weapons, out of an abundance of caution, but they seldom see the light of day. Many are now on display at a new exhibit in New York.

From a blood spattered toy chainsaw, a "credit card knife" and a bizarre contraption that includes a hand grenade to nunchakus, a Chinese star and several collections of knives, axes, and firearms, the JFK Airport exhibit is meant to remind the public not to travel with weapons during the holidays.

A ship anchor, meat cleaver, bottle openers, scissors, box cutters and fake grenades and ammunition were also taken from passengers by inspectors.

Not all items confiscated were necessarily weapons.

A large can of masonry waterproofer, bug spray, bleach and even grout sealer were also found in passenger's bags.

All passengers are reminded to check their bags thoroughly before setting off for the nation's airports.

TSA: Leave Fake Chainsaws and Sparklers at Home
TSA: Leave Fake Chainsaws and Sparklers at Home

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