'Risking It All:' Couple goes off the grid to solve marital problems

'Risking It All:' Couple Goes Off The Grid To Solve Marital Problems
'Risking It All:' Couple Goes Off The Grid To Solve Marital Problems

On TLC's "Risking It All," one couple decides to sell virtually everything in their modern lives and start a new life off the grid in order to fix their shaky marriage.

"Fall before last, Brett and I lived separately. We were arguing too much in front of our children, we felt like we kind of needed a timeout, so to speak."

Callie and Brett Watford and their four sons love their technology -- but they hoped unplugging from all the video games, computers and other electronics will help bring them closer together as a family and stop them from arguing so much.

So they packed and sold all of their valuable belongings and headed for this small cabin in the woods in North Carolina.

Their new lifestyle was definitely a lot different than the big house full of technology that they were so used to.

Fortunately though, the Watfords ended up loving their new home, which has an incredible view of the rolling hills, a small lake and the surrounding woods.

Though moving into a new house without any electricity proved to be a little difficult once it got dark.

"An oil lamp would be awesome up here," Callie said.

Several fans on Twitter were jealous of the Watford's opportunity to start over and wished them the best on their journey to reconnect as a family.

To see how the Watfords adjust to their new life off the grid -- and if it helps solve their marital problems -- you can check out "Risking It All" Tuesdays on TLC.

'Risking It All': Putting It All on the Line
'Risking It All': Putting It All on the Line

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