Monkeys invade kayaker's boat in Thailand

Monkeys Invade Kayaker's Boat in Thailand
Monkeys Invade Kayaker's Boat in Thailand

Talk about rocking the boat! While kayaking through a mangrove forest in Thailand, YouTube user smann251 was ambushed by several monkeys who tried to grab treats from his bag. But don't feel too bad for him -- he totally asked for it. Keep your eyes peel at 0:07 and you'll see the first monkey take a flying leap toward his boat.

On his YouTube page, he explained the back story. (Oh, and a quick note: We bleeped the curses out of the video above, but there are quite a few in the original.)

Smann251 writes:

"As I was kayaking through the mangrove forest in Kho Lonta Thailand, I noticed a monkey chillen (sic) at the base of one of the trees. I decided to test out the "monkeys hate water" theory so I threw a piece of pineapple into the water. To my surprise, the monkey immediately jumped in and grabbed it. As I got closer to the mangroves, I noticed a lot of movement in the trees. I wanted to see some more flying monkeys so I decided to take out some more fruit. As I grabbed the bag of fruit, two monkeys jumped on top of me and I chucked the bag. The next thing you know, I have the whole monkey clan aboard my boat. They stole all of my fruit and left me with a few stools to remember them by. Those evil little creatures."

He told Jukin Media that he is currently "a medical student in the United States." After taking his exams, he "decided to take a break from the western world grind and take a trip to SE Asia on my own for 40 days. I backpacked Thailand, Cambodia and Laos."

The clip was shot back in June, but is just now starting to go viral.

What a wild ride!

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