Guy's bizarre breakup text goes viral

Guy's Crazy Breakup Text Goes Viral
Guy's Crazy Breakup Text Goes Viral

Apparently some guy saved in a girl's phone as "Bobo" wasn't feeling his latest relationship -- so he decided to end it over text.

It wasn't a short, to-the-point breakup text either. "Bobo" gave six lengthy reasons why he was ending the seven-week relationship -- and we have to say, they're quite puzzling.

The complaints range from the girl not updating her Facebook status to her being "rude" to the guy's cat -- and they don't stop there.

A screenshot of the text was posted on Twitter by the dumpee's friend and has garnered nearly 19,000 re-tweets. Go ahead and see it for yourself below.

Is the wildly long text too bizarre to be real? Do you think any of the complaints are understandable? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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