Company paid off $12,000 worth of layaway accounts

Company Pays Off $12,000 of Layaways, We Want to Hug Someone
Company Pays Off $12,000 of Layaways, We Want to Hug Someone

If we could physically hug Jamson Labs & Power Kleen Corporation, a Florida-based company, we would. WTVT reports, "The company paid off their gift and $12,000 worth of other layaway accounts."

Lynn Stein, one of the layaway gift recipients explained, "I immediately started to cry, because I was like, 'no way, somebody actually did that for total strangers?'"

That Wal-Mart where the company paid off layaways told WTVT it was the biggest pay-off they'd ever seen.

Behind every company is a person -- and that person is John Sanders. He topped the list of Fox News' "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" segment. The outlet even gave him a nickname.

FOX NEWS reports, "He's being called a layaway angel. ... He explains his random act of kindness as just a simple way to help families that are struggling during the holidays."

Every year we hear these layaway stories, but we keep bringing them to you because they're just so damn heartwarming. Nothing like a little generosity to really make you tear up and want to kiss strangers.

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