Buffalo Bills ask fans for help shoveling stadium out from under five-feet of snow

Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills ask fans for help shoveling stadium out from under five-feet of snow
Field level and waist deep at a pristine Ralph Wilson Stadium. http://t.co/9Gtq3o73le
PHOTO: The inside of Ralph Wilson stadium under a thick blanket of snow and blowing drifts. http://t.co/7Hg3gFcOMI
Ralph Wilson Stadium is back there somewhere. #BuffaloSnow #FootballWeather https://t.co/4ZAQ2dNNJl
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Here are the photos we've gotten of the #BuffaloSnow at One #Bills Drive: http://t.co/2RVr3yDfwq http://t.co/4EpTu4CNpT
Just how much snow needs to be removed? 220,000 TONS, enough to fill the @ADPROSports Complex 8 times over. http://t.co/VtriPCGSMb
Another look at a snow-covered Ralph Wilson Stadium. http://t.co/Euf6GqT0ls
Unprecedented snow removal is set to begin at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Here's the plan: http://t.co/PYUKQXNTZ6 http://t.co/hEXsQbU5Im


The Buffalo Bills have a home game against the New York Jets this Sunday, snow or no snow, but they are asking for help to make it happen.

Suburbs south of Buffalo have received a staggering five to six-feet of snow since Monday, and as many as three feet more are expected by the end of the week. Ralph Wilson stadium is buried. The Bills need people to dig them out.

The stadium is in suburban Orchard Park, about 15 miles from downtown Buffalo.

The town has been blanketed by five feet of the white stuff, according to the Buffalo News. Roads are closed and people are snowed in.

"We have not had this much snow as far as we know in the history of our team," a Bills official said in a team statement.

But the Bills have a solid offer for those fans hearty enough to venture out into the frozen tundra.
"We can't have too many people helping. We won't be turning anyone away," Major added. "Removing snow and having snow fall at the same time, we'll go 24/7, triple shifts to be ready."

Bills officials estimated 220,000 tons of snow needs to be removed in order for the game to go off as planned.

"We are sparing no expense to clear the stadium and make it safe," Major added.

Bills players have been busy posting to social media while enjoying their time off, but the team is concerned about its ability to stage Sunday's game.

Bills players snow
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Buffalo Bills ask fans for help shoveling stadium out from under five-feet of snow
Who doesn't love a good snow day?? I know my girls do!! 👍❄️⛄️ #LetItSnow
My dogs love when Elsa comes to visit! They looking at me like "U go outside!!" 😂❄️⛄️ #FrozenForReal
Well the fun continues! Drifts over 6 ft tall! #CanIBorrowASnowmobile @KaelaCarpenter http://t.co/N04Jrnagrm
Runnnnnnnn !!!! #WallOfSnow http://t.co/yppMdqzYZZ
Waking up to this is unbelievable for an inner city kid from Dallas!!! http://t.co/3KdurwvbwE
And just getting deeper! #LakeEffectSnow #StayInside #MovieDay http://t.co/Dv4YjjGzc1
Either someone stole my car or it is under all that snow! #WelcomeToBuffalo http://t.co/4PovMLdcP5
Lake effect snow is real http://t.co/PQecXRD8XK
I've lived in Buffalo almost have my life....Seen some pretty big snow storms.But 5-6ft..That's crazy..Be safe to all my peeps..#Snowvember
You can't tell me I'm not a good dad by taking my butt outside in this weather and playing with him in the snow! http://t.co/fkgO3s0lFN
Trying to talk her into forming a sled team today 😆😆 http://t.co/PeUOzPQUoj
Dude, where's my car? http://t.co/TIeETbJoBY
There's so much snow he says! #neverseenanythinglikeit #hesasnowlover
This was Marquise Goodwin in Buffalo yesterday. They're expecting another few feet of snow today. http://t.co/XbGclet1aF

Should the stadium not be cleared in time for Sunday's game, the NFL will determine any possible contingency plans, the team also announced.

Their concern is not unprecedented among NFL teams.

The Green Bay Packers often pay local residents to shovel Lambeau Field after monumental snow storms.

For $10 an hour and a game ticket, the Bills have an offer they hope many can't refuse.

5 People Dead After Snowstorms Pummel Buffalo, N.Y.
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