Ark. teacher under fire for reportedly breastfeeding in the classroom

Ark. Teacher Under Fire for Breastfeeding in the Classroom
Ark. Teacher Under Fire for Breastfeeding in the Classroom

A rural Arkansas teacher is under fire for reportedly breastfeeding her newborn baby in the classroom.

"It's in there constantly screaming and crying. It's a distraction," one anonymous student told KLRT.

The distraction? A baby, KLRT reports. Students say the teacher has been bringing her infant to class on and off for a couple weeks after returning from maternity leave.

KLRT spoke with the school's superintendent who said teachers are allowed to bring their children into the classroom in emergency situations, but wouldn't speak any further on the issue. Still, some students don't appear to be as concerned.

"I don't think it's a problem, I mean the baby just lays back there and plays with his toys. Every now and then he may cry but she goes back there and takes care of it," student Tyler Rhodes told KYTV.

Another student added: "I mean he's a cute baby. It doesn't distract me at all."

While students appear divided on whether the baby itself is distracting, it's the teacher's breastfeeding in the classroom that's grabbed national headlines.

Which a writer for The Stir defends. Still, she adds: "It's almost impossible to give work your full attention while you're caring for a young infant."

The school's superintendent said any parents who have issues with the baby being in school can talk directly to him.

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