Man claims PETA stole, euthanized family dog

Man Claims PETA Stole, Euthanized Family Dog
Man Claims PETA Stole, Euthanized Family Dog

A family in Virginia is looking for answers after they claim animals rights group PETA stole their dog and then killed it.

Wilbur Cerate told WAVY this surveillance footage shows two workers taking his Chihuahua Maya from the family's front porch.

He told the station, "I understand if they pick up my dog if it was in a tree or another place, but this is in my house."

This happened in October and he says the workers came back a few days later with a fruit basket to tell him his dog had been euthanized and apologize.

The workers were charged with grand larceny but those were later dropped because the video did not show criminal intent.

On average, PETA euthanizes 2,000 dogs and cats each year at it's animal shelter in Virginia. The group has actively promoted a video explaining the organization's reasons for euthanizing animals.

"In 2013, we euthanized 1,805 ferrell, sick, suffering, dying, aggressive and otherwise unadoptable animals."

But Cerate says his dog wasn't in any position to be put down. PETA has refused to release any statement about the incident.

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