Gordon Ramsay claims rival chef sabotaged restaurant opening

Gordon Ramsay Claims Rival Chef Sabotaged Restaurant Opening
Gordon Ramsay Claims Rival Chef Sabotaged Restaurant Opening

One man you definitely don't want to piss off is Gordon Ramsay. We can only imagine his reaction when his new restaurant in London was empty on opening night, despite having more than 100 reservations booked.

The celebrity chef recently opened Heddon Street Kitchen, his 12th restaurant, with an empty dining room. A real-life kitchen nightmare.

Ramsay claims a rival chef is responsible. He hasn't named anyone, but it seems that this rival secretly booked 100 of the 140 tables with no intention of anyone actually showing up.

He credits envy for the low blow, telling ITV in an interview, "I think there's all that level of envy... It's bad spirit."

He says his staff will start confirming every reservation in the future...And maybe they ought to take a credit card too.

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