DIY half moon manicure

DIY Half Moon Mani
DIY Half Moon Mani

Change up the everyday manicure with this trending style. The half moon manicure is an easy look to accomplish and elevates the standard manicure. StyleList shows you a step by step tutorial guaranteed to give you great nails in no time! What you'll need:

  • Basecoat

  • Accent color

  • Nail color

  • Polish corrector pen

  • Top coat

  • Small circular stickers

How to get the look:

  1. Begin with your basecoat

  2. Paint your nails with your accent color

  3. Let it dry

  4. Place the circle sticker over your cuticle

  5. Paint your nail cooler over the circle sticker

  6. Let it dry

  7. Peel away the circle stickers

  8. Use the polish corrector to fix any mistakes

  9. Apply topcoat

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