9 people trapped in elevator sing to pass the time

9 People Trapped in Elevator Sing to Pass the Time
9 People Trapped in Elevator Sing to Pass the Time

If you were stuck on an elevator, what would you do? Nine college students at University of the West of England in Bristol did what came naturally: sing Aerosmith at the top of their lungs -- because, really, what else is there to do? No, they didn't sing "Love in an Elevator." Instead, they went for the iconic ballad "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing."

The hilarious video, which was promptly posted to Reddit, went viral this week. The YouTube video, uploaded by Ben Atkins Chafer, has racked up nearly a million views. Reddit users questioned the validity of the video, but students chimed into the conversation, saying it was indeed real.

One user said, "I was one of the guys stuck in this lift haha, it's Mendip Court on Frenchay Campus at UWE in Bristol. Everyone was pretty drunk so it was just funny, although we were stuck in there for over an hour so by the end one girl was panicking quite a bit."

Thankfully, everyone made it out safely.

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