Tombstones found in backyard of family's new home

Family Makes Shocking Discovery in Backyard of New Home
Family Makes Shocking Discovery in Backyard of New Home

RIVERBANK -- What was supposed to be a day of yard clean-up turned into possible grave digging for a Riverbank family.

FOX 40 reports: In two weeks, the Buenrostro family unearthed twelve headstones in the backyard of their newly-purchased home.

"I immediately thought we bought a cemetery," Amy Buenrostro said. "Are my dogs going to bring me back a finger?"

Buenrostro says she and her husband called the authorities, but few believed their story.

"The first deputy that came out, he thought we were joking with them, because we still had Halloween decorations up," she told FOX40.

As more of the headstones were found, so were typos.

It turns out, the previous homeowners bought the rejected headstones at a discounted price and flipped them over to be used as stepping stones.

For now, the Buenrostros says they will keep the headstones until they're claimed by loved ones -- even with the typos.

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