'Pig the Unusual Dog' is a star

Unusual Dog Is a Short-Spined Star
Unusual Dog Is a Short-Spined Star

Pig doesn't let having a short spine hold her back. The dog may have a unique swimming style and prancing walk, but, as a member of a highly exclusive canine club, she has become a viral star.

Since her story appeared on AOL back in June, her Facebook likes have reached 75,000, while this video documenting her experiences has attracted over 35,000 views.

Even though she doesn't have neck due to a shortened and fused spine, Pig is living a normal, happy life. Her owner Kim says that no one knows what caused this condition. There are only ten dogs in the whole world who have the same disfigurement as her.

Kim says she has to feed Pig several small meals instead of the larges ones a puppy would normally get. Pig cannot move her head, so she needs to swivel her whole body to see. Other than shortness of breathe when playing, Pig is perfectly normal. She is growing stronger and the nine-month-old pup is even in training to become a therapy dog!

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