Gresham vows to make up for stolen gift

Cincinnati Bengal tight end Jermaine Gresham tried to make one fan's day by giving them a souvenir football but things didn't exactly go as planned. He later took to twitter to find another way to make that fan happy.

First, you'll need some backstory: after scoring a touchdown, Gresham found a Bengals fan in the crowd and threw her the football as a souvenir. A Saints fan then wrestled it away from her and refused to give it up even after the Bengals fan, and the Saints fans sitting nearby, pleaded with him to do so.

The Bengals fan next to the one whose ball was stolen, who says on twitter that the two are sisters, later took to twitter to rightfully complain. The Saints decided to intervene, and made the the Bengals fan got a different football. It looked like the story had was over with a happy ending.

Hours later though, the sister on twitter got a surprise response-tweet from Gresham himself.

The sister was very thankful for Gresham's kind response.

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