Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones nab Oscar buzz

Eddie Redmayne may not be a name that you immediately recognize now, but it will be by the time awards season rolls around in 2015.

The British actor is getting plenty of early buzz for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything," and many critics are saying he's already the frontrunner for the Best Actor Oscar.

The Hollywood Reporter praised Redmayne's performance recently.

"Facing the physical challenges of depicting Hawking's disability, Redmayne pulls it off with enormous grace and endurance, and it's not just the assist from prosthetic teeth and ears that helps him create an impeccable mimicry of the real man."

18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Red Carpet
18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Red Carpet

And while much of the awards chatter is for the 32-year-old actor, his performance would be nothing without his co-star, Felicity Jones, who plays his wife, Jane Hawking (neé Wilde).

The rising British ingénue has been making headlines of her own as Hawking's first wife, whom he met at Cambridge and remained married to for 30 years.

Jones' sweet yet enduring personality shines through as Mrs. Hawking, and has been earning her a couple big nods, as well.

"I hope, then, that the awards season spotlight shines on Jones, too: Near the end of the film, when Redmayne can move little but his eyes, Jones and her soul-stirring peepers match him beat for beat," Variety wrote of her riveting portrayal.

Mrs. Hawking was the impetus for the film after screenwriter Anthony McCarten read her memoir "Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen" and was inspired to put it on the big screen.

With Oscar buzz continuing to grow, don't miss out on a live interview from both of the actors this week at AOL's BUILD. Tune in Tuesday, November 18 at 11:00 a.m. EST.