Book exposes seedy Russian underbelly surrounding model's death

New Book Exposes Seedy Russian Underbelly Surrounding Models Death
New Book Exposes Seedy Russian Underbelly Surrounding Models Death

You're probably used to seeing Russia in the headlines these days. Now, a new book by NY Daily News reporter Peter Pomerantsev is making the country front page news again by exposing the seedy underbelly of the Russian elite.

The book "Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible" retraces the timeline of the death of Russian model Ruslana Korshunova. With unfettered access to her family and friends, the author suggests that the model was a victim -- one of many -- who fell at the hands of a Russian cult: Rose of the World.

In 2008, the gorgeous model with a flourishing career threw herself off a building in downtown Manhattan. The official details around the beauty's death were suspect at the time, and Pomerantsev alleges Korshunova's death is connected to what the author calls "the new Russia."

The book details Korshunova's relationship with the Rose of the World -- a cult that the model turned to when her career was rocky. The Daily News reports that Pomerantsev characterizes Korshunova as a typical victim of the "dehumanizing" group.

The author joined the cult to get a first hand look. He remarks that during a session with the group, a Rose of the World life coach remarked on the model's death. "Sometimes it's better to commit suicide than not to change," the life coach said.

In the book, Pomerantsev details the model's final days, and points to her struggle to regain normalcy after returning home from her immersion in Rose of the World. Police ruled Korshunova's death a suicide but found no note.

The placement of the young model's body on the pavement definitively shows that the 20-year-old didn't just fall to her death -- she took a running leap.

The author's investigation into Korshunova's death uncovers new details of how involved the model was with the Moscow based group. It even finds eerily similar circumstances with another model's suicide in the Ukraine. She too was a member of the Rose.

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