Andy Cohen talks about the time he insulted Barbara Walters on live TV

Andy Cohen Talks About That Time He Insulted Barbara Walters on Live TV
Andy Cohen Talks About That Time He Insulted Barbara Walters on Live TV

Bravo's Andy Cohen stopped by "The Meredith Vieira Show" to dish about how he really ticked off Barbara Walters back in January while co-hosting "The View."

"It went poorly because I insulted her on live television," Cohen told Vieira.

Cohen said the Golden Globes had just aired earlier that week and Walters was talking about how she didn't understand the movie "American Hustle."

"I said on live TV, 'Perhaps it's a generational thing.' ... And I said it because a few days before because my mom, she had said she and her friends didn't understand it," said Cohen.

Apparently the age comment offended Walters, or so Cohen says. Oops.

He told New York Daily News, "What I said was maybe the dumbest thing you could say on live television."

Walters is just one of many names Cohen talks about in his newly released memoir, "The Andy Cohen Diaries."

In fact, Cohen said he's extremely nervous for five specific people to read his book or find out he wrote about them. Walters is one, but he kept his lips zipped tight about the other four.

He definitely doesn't hold back, writing in an excerpt, "I drop a ton of names. More names than you can imagine. I literally almost called this book Diary of a Name-Dropper."

As for Walters, Cohen told Vieira he sent flowers and apologized and Walters responded back in an email that all was forgiven. We're thinking he's still keeping his fingers crossed she won't be picking up his book anytime soon.

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