Jennifer Lopez makes a hilarious flub at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards

Is this the new John Travolta Adele Dazim moment?

Jennifer Lopez got the name wrong at an awards show too, only her flub was the actual move title. The latest trend taking over Twitter is "How to Drain Your Dragon."

Sure it's just one word, but it was such a funny mistake that even J. Lo cracked up over it while presenting at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards.

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The singer says, "Tonight's Hollywood Animation award goes to DreamWorks Animation's How to Drain โ€“ How to Drain โ€“ you don't want to drain your dragon."

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The audience laughs along with her, and Twitter was full of reactions.

Afterwards, the 45-year-old also tweeted out her own laughing emojis.

Thanks for the laughs, J. Lo!

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