'Dead' woman wakes up in morgue

'Dead' Woman Wakes Up In Morgue
'Dead' Woman Wakes Up In Morgue

A doctor in Poland is in shock after a woman she declared dead woke up in a morgue hours later.

The doctor says she was called to the 91-year-old woman's home on November 6 and upon examination, she couldn't feel a pulse, hear a heartbeat or feel her breathing so she declared the woman dead and took her to the morgue.

But after more than 10 hours, an undertaker noticed her body bag moving and opened it to find the woman alive and very cold. She also asked for hot tea.

The doctor said, "If I had had doubts, I would have called the ambulance, done an electrocardiogram, but I was sure that the patient is dead."

Fortunately, the elderly woman hasn't had any major health issues since the incident and her death certificate was deemed invalid. This sort of thing actually happens more often than you might think.

A dead man in Brazil gave his family a pleasant, but scary surprise when they showed up to a morgue only to find him very much alive.

G1 Globo reports Medics at a hospital in El Salvador said the 54-year-old died after suffering from organ failure. His relatives began making funeral arrangements, buying a coffin and placing a death notice in the local newspaper, but when they arrived at the morgue to dress his body the day of the funeral the body bag began to move.

His brother says he went crazy and called for the nurse and medical team. After what we can only imagine was a very quick investigation of a moving "dead" man, they confirmed he wasn't actually dead.

And last year, a man in Zimbabwe woke up right in the middle of his own funeral and sat up in his coffin.

A few months earlier a woman woke up after officials placed her in a metal coffin screaming, which certainly added shock value.

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