Soldier surprises his kids dressed as a fireman

Soldier Surprises His Kids Dressed as Fireman
Soldier Surprises His Kids Dressed as Fireman

If you need a pick-me-up today, take a few minutes to watch this priceless moment between a father and his two sons. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Fort Bragg United States Army firefighter SSG. Brian Hessler decided to surprise his two little boys, Kaiden and Jace, with a staged fire drill after returning home from a ten-month deployment.

The fire alarms were set off in their house just to have Brian show up to 'save the day.' At first, the young boys appeared skeptical of the 'stranger' in the intimidating uniform, but their mother kept assuring them that everything was okay.

Once the disguised father brought them to 'safety' outside, he asked the boys for help removing his uniform. As soon as he revealed his face, his two sons recognized him immediately. One began adorably waving at him and the other sweetly ran to repeatedly hug him.

Try telling us that didn't melt your heart.

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