Robert Pattinson debuts questionable new hairstyle

Is that you, Robert Pattinson?

After a few days of keeping his hair under wraps, the "Twilight" hunk stepped out on Thursday and debuted a questionable hairstyle choice that has everyone talking.

Pattinson attended the GO Campaign's 7th Annual Go Go Gala. While at first he looked like the same old Rob, it was when he turned his back to the cameras that got people's attention.

The 28-year-old actor revealed a funky bowl haircut, with half his head shaved in the back except for a landing strip of hair.

The geometric style almost looks like he let Jim Carrey hack away to make a "Dumb and Dumber"-esque cut. It's certainly a new look for the teen heartthrob, who typically sports a voluminous head of hair that's expertly tussled.

Perhaps Pattinson tried out the wild style to impress his new girlfriend, singer FKA twigs.

The duo has been dating since September and twigs is no stranger to trendy style choices. As the English beauty's fame grows, so does her repertoire of hairstyles. She's tested out everything from dreads to braided bangs to Princess Leia-esque buns.

We get the feeling that Pattinson's ladylove's eccentric influence is rubbing off on him.

Based on the photos from his night out, he also thinks the look is pretty hysterical. Let's hope that it is for a movie so we can bask in this bad hair moment forever.

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