Kids could buy no homework pass, parents furious

Calif. School Dismantles No Homework Pass Fundraiser
Calif. School Dismantles No Homework Pass Fundraiser

A California elementary school is reneging on a no homework pass after it was discovered the students had to pay money to receive it. Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted on Fox News, "One hundred bucks. That's how much California students could pay for a one-week 'no homework' pass."

The pass was part of a fundraiser put on by a group called Project LEAP at Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos.

According to the school's website, Project LEAP is a parent organization in charge of raising money for school technology such as iPads and Chromebooks.

Not surprisingly, the idea of paying for the pass infuriated some parents. KABC spoke with a mother who wished to remain anonymous.

She told KABC, "I'm not gonna let a teacher or a school bribe my kid and teach them the wrong thing. It's not morally correct to say 'Hey, give $100 and you don't have to do your work.'"

The news outlet called the school district to get their take. Here's what makes this story interesting: that was the first time the district had heard about this fundraising effort. It's unclear how it could slip by the school.

The district's superintendent told KABC, "We love our fundraising groups and have amazingly supportive parents but we absolutely cannot raise money by having parents pay for having no homework for their specific student."

Giving students a free pass on their homework isn't an unusual practice in schools, especially with younger kids. In fact, the Internet is filled with no homework passes teachers can print out and give to their students.

Most of the time, though, the passes are handed out to students for good behavior or helping out in the classroom.

The Los Alamitos school district has pulled the no homework pass fundraiser and says it will reimburse any parents who paid the $100 for one of the passes.

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