Is this the greatest pregnancy announcement yet?

Is This the Greatest Pregnancy Announcement Yet?
Is This the Greatest Pregnancy Announcement Yet?

Kat and Kris have been married for five years now, and they had a great idea for a pregnancy announcement: act like they're taking a picture of their family and instead of "Cheese," they said, "Kat's pregnant!" The reactions are priceless.

This will be the first baby for them as well as the first grandchild for both her parents (Mike & Ariet) as well as his (Frank & Peggy). Everyone in the video are friends/family are in California: from the Southern California to the tip of Northern California in Humboldt County.

Kat is currently about 12 weeks along and the due date may land just one day after her own birthday in May. Kat's two brothers are both very excited to be uncles!

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