Explosions lead to stunning Italian fireworks display caught on camera


The best fireworks display you'll ever see was an accident.

Video uploaded to YouTube this week shows a massive fireworks cache exploding earlier this year in Italy.

The spectacular display shows hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fireworks exploding in the air at the same time while multiple explosions occur on the ground.

The incident is believed to have occurred in July. It is not known if there were any injuries.

A thick wall of what appears to be vines separates spectators from the explosions, likely shielding any of them from serious harm.

The person taking the video simply hunkered down and caught as much as he could.

According to Reddit user Bartjay, most Italian fireworks are "shot the traditional way, meaning no electrical fuse ... every pyrotechnical article has to be lit manually.

"Accordingly, u [sic] will have a lot of open fuses, which are prone to go off if there is a flop."

It is easy to see how one misfired firework could result in such a stunning display if all those fuses are out in the open waiting patiently to be lit.

The computerized systems used for fireworks displays in the U.S. are not flawless, though.

A computer glitch at a 2012 fireworks display in San Diego resulted in every firework firing within 15 seconds.

There were, however, no injuries.

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