David Hyde Pierce shares his weirdest Broadway memories

David Hyde Pierce Shares Weirdest Broadway Stories
David Hyde Pierce Shares Weirdest Broadway Stories

Actor David Hyde Pierce has appeared in multiple Broadway shows, and they don't always go according to plan. He shared some of his weirdest stories of the stage with Meredith Vieira.

"A man had a heart attack in the audience. We had to stop the show. It turned out the next day it was just indigestion. We stopped the show for gas," he said.

Yes, lucky break there. Another time, a family in the front row brought buckets of chicken to the show. "It was matinee! It was killer. We were all starving, and could smell."

That's pretty bold! We're usually only brave enough to sneak in a box of candy. You have to unwrap it, it's all loud and sticky ... long story short, we could never manage poultry.

The Tony winner also told Vieira a funny story about his dad. David used to be on a show called "The Powers That Be," and the broadcast was once interrupted for breaking news.

Not wanting his son to miss a second of small screen time, his dad called their local station multiple times with a different accent each time -- French, German, Italian -- to complain. That's one proud papa!

Though those stories are amazing, the real point of the interview with Vieira was to discuss the actor's return to TV. He hasn't been on TV since "Frasier" wrapped about 10 years ago. Now, he's appearing on "The Good Wife." He said the show's great acting and writing make him feel like he's still doing theater. (He didn't mention if there was fried chicken on set.)

The show's executive producers did tell the New York Post that they "wined and dined" the talented Pierce to get him on board.

Don't worry, David's not done with Broadway. Pierce already has plans to make his directorial debut on the Great White Way in the spring.

You can get more of Meredith's show on her website.

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