Woman reunited with officer who saved her life twice

Woman Reunited With Officer Who Saved Her Life Twice
Woman Reunited With Officer Who Saved Her Life Twice

NEWNAN, Georgia (PIX11)– When Nikki Motta sent an email to the Suffolk County Police Department, on September 22, 2014, asking to meet, and thank, Police Officer Matthew Siesto-I knew her story was special. Officer Siesto had saved Motta's life twice in the same month-October 2012-using the miracle drug, Narcan.

The first time, Nikki Motta was suffering a heroin overdose in a pickup truck parked near Modell's in the Centereach Mall. Officer Siesto recalled the 19-year old had "blue lips and blue tinge on the face."

He took out his emergency Narcan kit and sprayed one dose in one of Motta's nostrils-and another dose in the second nostril. Nikki Motta was saved.

Less than 30 days later, on October 29, 2012, Motta's mother, Debbie Austin, came home from work early, because the lights went out at her job, due to super storm Sandy.

She found her youngest daughter-then 19–overdosing, at home, in the bedroom.

Austin called 911 and the same officer responded to Motta's emergency again.

"I woke up, and he said 'How many times do you think I can keep saving you?'" Motta recalled to PIX 11 News recently. "And then I said, 'Nobody keeps telling you to save me.'"

That second overdose in 2012 was not enough to stop Motta from using heroin back then.

She hit "rock bottom" a year later, after getting kicked out of a behavioral therapy center in South Carolina.

She was homeless and living in the cold.

Her mother decided to use "tough love" and wouldn't let her come home.

A couple that had met Motta at a motorcycle school in Orlando, Florida picked her up and took Motta to their home in Georgia.

Nikki Motta stayed in Georgia and said she's now been clean since November 20, 2013. She decided to write the Suffolk County Police Department this year, so she could somehow meet and thank Officer Siesto and "show him the person I've become."

Motta got a job at the Yamaha Motor Corporation in Newnan, Georgia back in the spring, rented an apartment nearby, and drives a car. She fervently hoped she could somehow meet the man she now calls her angel.

PIX 11 found a way to make it happen. The Suffolk County Police Department agreed to let Officer Siesto visit Newnan, Georgia for a day, when PIX 11 offered to fly him down.

You can witness the incredible moment by watching the link with this report-and learn the "back story" on how Nikki Motta got involved with heroin.

Motta now works hard and works out and told PIX 11 "I just want back my happiness. I want to be a normal person. I wake up, and I love to go to my job. I love who I am today."

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