Man mails ex-girlfriend live baby chicks after breakup

Why A Man Mailed His Ex-Girlfriend Live Baby Chicks
Why A Man Mailed His Ex-Girlfriend Live Baby Chicks

A man sent his ex-girlfriend a message in the mail ... in the form of baby chicks. It was supposed to be a pun, but she certainly didn't find it funny.

As FOX NEWS put it, "She must have ruffled his feathers. A D.C. woman [got] fifteen baby chicks in the mail from her ex-boyfriend."

The Fox News pun actually wasn't what we were talking about, though. The message that came with the chickens reportedly said something like this: "There are plenty of other chicks out there."

We'd laugh if it didn't involve the welfare of baby animals. Not cool.

The D.C. woman wouldn't take the chicks, and they ultimately ended up at Maryland's Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. The woman apparently threatened to throw away the chicks if they were left with her. Yikes.

KAPP chimed in on the story: "The couple might be broken up, but these cute little guys are doing just fine. ... What a jerk, she's better off without him."

Although the ex-boyfriend's move was certainly odd, he didn't actually do anything illegal. The U.S. Postal Service says poultry can be shipped if it's at least a day old -- although we're not recommending it.

One of the chicks had an injured leg, but all fifteen seem to be in good health overall.

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