What your favorite pizza says about you

What Your Favorite Pizza Says About You
What Your Favorite Pizza Says About You

Are you a meat lovers kind of guy or maybe just a plain-and-simple cheese kind of gal? According to a new study, your favorite pizza toppings say more about your personality than you may think.

The founder of Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation teamed up with U.K. pizza chain PizzaExpress to examine the connection between pizza topping and personality.

Researchers conducted personality tests on 500 adults and then showed them pictures of eight different pizzas -- all from the restaurant's new fall menu.

The results showed that pepperoni lovers are extroverts and easily bored. A fondness for vegetarian toppings means you are charming and flirtatious. If what really gets you going is a creamy white-sauce pizza, that means you're good with money and love to debate.

The study was based on Sigmund Freud's theories on food preferences and personality and it's a follow-up to one performed by Domino's about a decade ago.

That study found those who preferred nontraditional toppings, such as pineapple, "tend to be aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders. They do not easily suffer fools."

Now this study was clearly part of a promotion for the chain's new menu, so you might think it's kind of frivolous -- but Alan Hirsch, the lead researcher, says there are some useful applications for the results, like on a first date: "You don't just need to ask questions to get to know them; look at what they order to find out if they really are your perfect match or not."

So there you go -- the secret to a successful dating life is taking all your first dates to a pizza restaurant. Probably.

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