'Stronger' Muslim faith worksheet question angers North Carolina mom

'Stronger' Muslim Faith Worksheet Question Angers N.C. Mom
'Stronger' Muslim Faith Worksheet Question Angers N.C. Mom

Sending the kids home with stacks of homework is one way to anger parents if you're a teacher. However, the religious content -- not the quantity -- of an assignment had one North Carolina mom furious.

FOX NEWS reports, "Take a look at this at this line -- and this one apparently bothered her the most. It says, 'Most Muslims' faith is stronger than the average Christian.'"

The mother stayed anonymous for an interview with WJZY, but the station says the assignment came from a public high school just outside Charlotte and the teacher who handed it out started at the school this year.

The mother questioned both the subjectivity of the assignment and the fact her child was learning about Islam in the first place.

The mom told WJZY her child "had to describe the Five Pillars of Islam. If you can't learn the Ten Commandments, he cannot learn the Five Pillars of Islam. That's just wrong. I have chosen in my home not to teach my child these things."

Her son had to fill in the blanks on the assignment, but it's unclear what the teacher deemed as the correct answer there.

WJZY reported the station "was told that the worksheet was filled out with the student's own answers, but [has] not been given a complete, correct version of the worksheet despite several requests."

The station also contacted the spokesperson for a local Islamic Center, who stressed that he believed it important for well-rounded students to learn the customs and culture of all major religions from Christianity to Hinduism to Islam.

For what it's worth, education newspaper Education Week agrees -- and not just for the well-rounded reason. It noted in an April article that religiously motivated hate crimes are on the rise, the American student body is more diverse than ever before and students have a First Amendment right to religious expression.

The school district did not make the teacher who assigned out the homework available to speak to reporters and did not comment on the situation.

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