Records set across the globe for Guinness World Record Day

Thousands Set Out To Break Records On 'Guinness World Records Day'
Thousands Set Out To Break Records On 'Guinness World Records Day'

Today, November 13th, marks the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day, when thousands of people around the world celebrate those who set records and others set out to break them.

One record that's already been broken today is the farthest backwards basketball shot. Thunder from Harlem Globetrotters shattered the record of 72'2" feet by successfully nailing a shot from ten feet further away.

Another record that was broken was for the fastest hundred meter dash on all-fours. The record was set last year by Japanese athlete Kenichi Ito with a time just under 17 seconds. This year, he attempted to break that record, however, he had some competition.

Katsumi Tamakoshi broke Ito's record by more than a second. The new record stands at 15.86 seconds.

Amazing Guinness Book world records set in recent years:

One famous morning show host is trying to take his place in the record books. The Today Show's Al Roker is attempting to break the record for longest weather broadcast while raising money for the USO. He aims to go 34 straight hours with only a five minute break every hour.

He said shortly after ten hours, "Somebody talk to me! What am I doing?"

In celebration of Guinness World Records Day and the 60th anniversary of the book, the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen (8'1"), met the world's shortest man, Chandra Dangi (21.5"). If there was a record for the most bizarre meet-and-greets, this one would probably take it.

To see more records that are being attempted in real time, head over to

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