PA survivalist Eric Frein charged with terrorism after boasting of state trooper's 'assassination'


The Pennsylvania survivalist charged in the shooting death of one state trooper and the severe wounding of another now faces terrorism charges for trying to spark an armed revolution against the government.

Survivalist Eric Frein, 31, was hit with two charges of terrorism for trying to "influence the policy of government" through "assassination" during a late Thursday afternoon court hearing, authorities said. He appeared via closed-circuit television.

Frein already faces the death penalty for shooting dead Trooper Byron Dickson and hurting Trooper Alex Douglass outside a police barracks in the Pocono Mountains. He claimed Dickson's killing was an assassination, according to police.

Authorities said during the hearing that the basis for these new charges came from a letter the fugitive wrote to his parents that was found by investigators on the hard drive of a computer he owned and statements he made during interrogation.

Frein told state police investigators that he hoped to start a change in government.

"He wanted to make a change (in government) and that voting was insufficient to do so because there was no one worth voting for," a criminal complaint said.

Frein admitted he engaged the troopers to "wake people up because it was all he could do," said police.

The former fugitive also admitted in the letter to committing the acts and trying to conceal his involvement in the letter to his parents.

"Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be," Frein wrote to "mom and dad," according to an affidavit obtained by AOL. News.

"There is so much wrong on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had," he continued. "Tension is high at the moment and the time seems right for a spark to ignite the fire in the hearts of men.

"I do not have a death wish but I know the odds. I tried my best to do this without getting identified," he wrote. "I am sorry. You guys are great parents. I am just not a good son.

"I squandered so much opportunity and support and rarely tried my best at anything," the wanted man continued. "maybe this is just the final squander.

"I love you. Please forgive me of my many faults," he pleaded. "Thanks for putting up with me so long.


Police also found two pipe bombs in the woods around Canadensis, the town where Frein was living while staying in his parents' home. He faces two counts of possessing a weapon of mass destruction, in addition to a litany of other criminal charges.

Frein was somehow able to elude police capture for 48-days until being found near the hangar of an abandoned airport about 30 minutes from where he shot Dickson dead.

The massive manhunt that led to his capture shutdown much of the surrounding area, threatened to cancel Halloween for thousands of children and left multiple towns on edge as sightings were reported on a near-daily basis.

The month-and-a-half search involved local, state, federal and out-of-state authorities as they combed the dense forest seemingly without an end in sight.

Frein reportedly surrendered unarmed when found by police.

Authorities previously announced they would seek the death penalty in the accused cop killer's eventual trial.

He remains in custody.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Suspected Cop Killer Eric Frein Charged With Terrorism
Suspected Cop Killer Eric Frein Charged With Terrorism

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